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Human Resources Management seminar

Class: Graduate Institute of Education 1A

Class code:M9A010BH

Class time:2nd semester

Learning purpose

  1. Understand the concept of Human Resource Management

  2. Understand the implication of Human Resource Management.

  3. Implicate Human Resource Management into education field

  4. Build up your own learning organization 

About Human Resources


Teaching materials

  1. 李誠(2015),人力資源管理的12堂課,天下文化。

  2. 2.楊美玉(2016),解析人力資源管理。前程文化,台北。

  3. 3.Hsieh,S. C., Lin, J. S., Lee, H. C.(2012). Analysis on Literature Review Literature of Competency. International Review of Business and Economics, 2, 25-50.

  4. 1004-Shamsuddin, A., Chan, C.M., Wahab, E. Kassim, A.S.M . (2012). Leadership Management as an Integral Part of Succession Planning in HEIs: A Malaysian Perspective, International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3(3),151-158.

  5. 1108-Ball, D. L. & Forzani, F. M. (2009). The Work of Teaching and the Challenge for Teacher Education. Journal of Teacher Education, 60(5) 497 –511

  6. 1115-Nakpodia, E. D.(2010).Human Resource Management in School Administration in Delta State Nigeria. Journal of Social Science,23(3): 179-187.

  7. 1122Orthner,D. K.,Jones-Sanpei, H., Akos, P., and Rose, R. A.(2012). Improving Middle School Student Engagement Through Career-Relevant Instruction in the Core Curriculum. The Journal of Educational Research, 106, 27–38

Term paper report

(1) paper leading: 15 minutes leading instruction for the paper and leading discuss for another 15 minutes. Every presentation will be 30 minutes.

(2) Term paper: Find out a human resource management related application issue research proposal. No limited for the topics.

a. Content:

    (1) background and problem

    (2) purpose

    (3) hypothesis and research framework

    (4) methodology

    (5) expect results

b. Format: APA 6 style; Times New Roman, 12 point content and 14 point title; include cover page  

c. Presentation: Jan 11th 30minutes each.

Course Schedule

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